Kinsey University Announces 2017 Lineup

December 19th, 2016

Slate Includes Advanced Bow Tech and Business Skills Classes

Kinsey’s and Kinsey University are pleased to announce the 2017 Kinsey University class schedule, with courses kicking off in conjunction with the annual Kinsey’s Dealer Show taking place in Hershey, PA from March 3–5, 2017. New areas of emphasis include an Advanced Bow Technician course as well as courses aimed at building the business management skills pro shop owners tell Kinsey’s they need.

“Kinsey’s is excited about the expansion of our Kinsey University programs,” said Dave Parker, Chief Sales & Strategy Executive. “We have put together some great curriculums that will help dealers be more successful in today’s challenging environment. We look forward to working closer with dealers in 2017 than ever before!”

One of the new classes offered — “Advanced Bow Technician Training” — will be a complement to the existing “Bow Technician Training” course KU has offered for the past two years.

“The goal of Kinsey University has always been to provide our independent retailers with resources that can help them grow their business,” said Kurt Smith, Kinsey University Coordinator. “We know that in order for this program to succeed, we need to listen to our customers and adapt to their changing needs. Over the past two years, we have gotten a great response from our Bow Technician course, but many attendees wanted to take the next step. We have developed the Advanced Bow Technician course for those individuals, or those who have experience behind the counter and are looking to improve their skills.”

In addition to the “Advanced Bow Technician Training” course, Kinsey University has also added new business training courses to the lineup for 2017, including two courses at KDS17 in March, and a more in-depth course —“Pro Shop Business Basics” — to be held in April and May at Kinsey’s headquarters in Mount Joy, PA.

“Our Business Seminars held at the Kinsey’s Dealer Show each year are a great way to introduce some topics that can help business owners, but there is only so much that can be covered in that short amount of time,” said Smith. “With our Pro Shop Business Basics course, we hope to serve shop owners who are looking to solidify their business practices and increase profitability.”

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