Shipping Department Manager

The primary objectives of the Shipping Manager is: to supervise, guide, direct, and mentor the staff within the department; to assign and prioritize tasks; and to ensure customers’ needs are being met and we are providing them with the best possible service.

Position Requirements

  • Leadership
    • Influences and inspires others to act in an energetic, committed fashion in pursuit of positive customer outcomes.
  • Motivate and encourage staff.
    • Gains respect through behavior that creates trust and confidence so others are willing followers.
  • Manage with integrity.
    • Be an effective leader by communicating and listening.
    • Consider the needs of others.
  • Continuous Improvement
    • Finds it unacceptable when customer outcomes could be improved.
    • Takes personal responsibility for maintaining and upgrading own knowledge, skills and abilities to ensure high service to internal and external customers.
    • Is proactive in calling attention to deficiencies or opportunities in the areas of service and productivity.
  • Organizational Awareness
    • Stays open minded and adapts new strategies as needed.
  • Have “influencers” understand and are on board with change.
    • Embraces the organizational climate as it evolves.

Improve employee relationships to further develop total company teamwork and cooperation.


Principal Duties & Responsibilities

  • Evaluate and manage incoming freight workload and prioritize shipments for receipt.
  • Evaluate and manage outgoing order workflow and prioritize shipments based on customer needs.
  • Work with others, managers and staff, in order to meet their individual needs and provide the best possible service to our customers.
  • Do necessary research to provide internal and external customers with answers to questions.
  • Inspect new items to determine: if information labeling is needed on an item’s pick-bin; if special labeling is needed on the shipping carton; if additional packing requirements are needed for an item; when multiple pieces of the same item can be banded together with banding tape to save on freight charges; and to determine if items are ORM-D and need their pick-bin flagged.
  • Empower staff to solve problems independently and to provide detailed facts to those needing it.
  • Maintain open communication with staff and provide them with a safe environment to present concerns.
  • Give thorough explanation of responsibilities and projects needing completed.
  • Make certain more than one staff member is trained in each task area, so we have adequate task coverage during absences and vacations.



  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, odf, txt.