Social Media Associate

Job Description:

The Social Media Contractor will be charged with overseeing all Kinsey’s Outdoors’ social media to engage followers, grow likes, grow subscribers and to promote the brand vision. They will keep our sites frequently updated with content that increases our industry presence to make Kinsey’s Outdoors the authority on everything outdoors.

Social Lifestyle:

The right candidate will be an end user and have exceptional experience in outdoor activities including hunting, archery, firearms, fishing, kayaking, etc.

  • Posts should engage the community and provide value/knowledge to the consumer through relevant posts
  • Posts will include impactful lifestyle photography
  • Constant weekly lifestyle posts (photos & videos) are required
  • Content should be shared from parallel businesses, associations & websites that produce value to the consumer
  • Specific attention to be paid to hunting seasons, licenses, national holidays, historical company landmarks/achievements, etc.
  • Cross-platform posting (all accounts should be utilized: Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

Customer Management:

It will be important to respond to posts and inquiries in a timely manner to establish/maintain positive relationships with our customers.

  • When responding to posts and direct messages, seek answers from the applicable contact at Kinsey’s Inc. and provide the customer a complete answer that solves the inquiry.
  • Preferably respond within 3 hours (no longer than 24 hours) for all comments and direct messages
  • When responding to comments and direct messages, be courteous/respectful and speak with the community in mind (use industry-appropriate language) , show expertise, research and ask questions to staff when required
  • Knowledge of outdoor product selection carried by Kinsey’s Outdoors
  • Communicate with Buyer to forecast product availability


Support Sales/Marketing Initiatives: 

In addition to lifestyle posts, our store sales events will require enhanced social coverage to promote events.

  • Minimum requirement of 5 relevant posts per week outside of sales events and contests
  • Posts will amplify during large sales events: daily posts during all in store and digital events
  • Minimum two posts per contest, with active comment interaction
  • Coordination with General Manager and Marketing Team on best offers/promos
  • Concentration on products that need to move due to inventory pressure
  • Seasonally relevant product posts
  • Follow brand guidelines
  • Contractor is required to physically visit the store 1 time per week

Pro Staff Support:

The Social Media Correspondent will utilize Kinsey’s Outdoors’ Pro Staff to obtain additional content.

  • Ascertain assets from staff & encourage creation of assets


Expectation Overview:

  • Minimum of 5 social posts weekly (blend of lifestyle, sales, & marketing as outlined above)
  • 1 store visit per week  in order to confirm contractor is up to date on store activity
  • Prompt responses to comments and messages
  • Outdoor industry experience and active involvement
  • Comprehensive product knowledge
  • Increased activity during high-profile campaigns and events
  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, odf, txt.