Kinsey’s Realigns Sales Team to Better Meet Customer Needs

October 19th, 2016

Specialized Roles Allow Staff to Focus on Independent Retailers

As part of its strategy to expand its industry-leading distribution network and to most effectively meet customer needs, Kinsey’s Inc. will realign its customer care and sales teams for 2017. In addition to current staff members shifting to more specialized roles, several new positions have been created to better serve customer needs across the archery industry. The realignment is confirming Kinsey’s commitment to growing the domestic and international independent dealer base. Increased focus and a higher degree of account management will help assist Kinsey’s independent retail partners to navigate the ever-changing consumer landscape. Recent events and acquisitions within the archery industry have made this realignment even more important for the independent retailer.

Kinsey’s associates within the Sales and Customer Care departments have merged into one cohesive Sales team, with separate divisions specializing in different customer classes. Customers of all types will see a higher degree of account contact, maintenance, flow of relevant information, and dedication through the newly created specialized sales teams. Justin Gorman, previously of the Kinsey’s Consumer Brands Division, has been promoted to Director of Sales — Independent Retail/International/OEM. Toni DiRuscio will serve as the Independent Retail & International Sales Manager, and Dakota Royer as Assistant Sales Manager. Most Customer Care representatives that Kinsey’s dealers have grown accustomed to working with will transition to the Independent Retail & International team, allowing for a seamless transition.

“Our focus is always on the customer experience, and we felt that realigning our resources enabled us to form teams that are laser focused on their customer group,” said Dave Parker, Chief Sales & Strategy Executive. “Retailers can expect more engagement from Kinsey’s in 2017 than ever before. That engagement allows us the opportunity to listen to our customers and to understand what we can do to serve them best, and that’s exciting!”

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