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“It all started with an arrow... For four generations we’ve relied on family-centric values and the examples of perseverence Vernon Kinsey gave us to continuously reach for our goal — a bow in every hand. We’ve created a company that ultimately seeks to promote and preserve heritage — a heritage rich with sporting tradition, family and valuable life lessons.”

Rick Kinsey,
Vice President of Kinsey’s

Our Business

Widely regarded as one of the best distributors serving the outdoor hunting industry, Kinsey’s serves more than 4,600+ retailers nationwide. Guided by family values, we share profits with our employees, support those who best support hunters’ rights and remain focused on consistently adding value for our customers. Our business and the industry we’re in are all about heritage — passing passion for the outdoors from one generation to the next. Founded in 1952, Kinsey’s is headquartered in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania.

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Our History

“The examples Vernon Kinsey, my grandfather, lived every day endure in our business to this day — they carry us forward. When life challenged him, leaving him paralyzed below the waist, he turned his passion for archery into a profession. He persevered, built a successful business, treated everyone with respect and never let challenges hold him back.”

Sherri Kinsey Gorman,
Vice President of Kinsey’s

Kinsey’s Timeline

1949:  Vernon and Helen Kinsey begin repairing archery equipment and manufacturing arrows out of their home in Mount Joy, PA.

1952:  Kinsey’s Arrow Manufacturing is born. Vernon and Helen commit to running Kinsey’s full-time.

1957:  Jim Kinsey enters the business and begins distributing arrows to retailers throughout the Northeast. The company begins manufacturing arrows for Colt and Bear Archery.

1960:  Kinsey’s expands, moving its retail, distribution and arrow manufacturing business to 411 West Main Street, Mount Joy, PA.

1973:  Kinsey’s expands once again, moving all operations to 300 West Main Street, Mount Joy, PA.

1982:  Rick Kinsey enters the business, going on to become VP of Sales.

1984:  Sherri Kinsey Gorman enters the business, going on to become VP of Operations and Administration.

1986:  Kinsey’s expands, moving its retail, distribution and arrow manufacturing to 1660 Steel Way Drive, Mount Joy, PA.

1999:  Kinsey’s grows retail operations, building the new four-season Kinsey's Outdoors store located at 1658 Steel Way, Mount Joy, PA.

2003:  Kinsey’s hosts its first annual dealer show, gathering the top manufacturers and dealers in the industry for a weekend in Hershey, PA.

2007:  Kinsey’s introduces the October Mountain Products consumer brand to the archery market, offering recurve bows and problem-solving tools and accessories for the modern archer.

2010:  Kinsey’s launches the
Fin-Finder brand of rugged and versatile bowfishing equipment which includes bows, arrows, laser sights and other accessories.

2012:  Kinsey’s expands distribution, builds second warehouse at 1679 Steel Way Drive, Mount Joy, PA.


The 4th generation of Vernon Kinsey’s descendants enters the business.


2014:  Kinsey’s offers unparalleled crossbow string performance with the new BlackHeart line of craft crossbow strings and cables.

2015:  Kinsey’s introduces the Elevation line of premium bow cases, hip quivers and archery accessories.

The halls of Kinsey University open, offering classes to help expand skills and grow dealers' businesses.

2016:  Kinsey’s completes renovations in Warehouse one to create new offices/conference rooms.

Kinsey's Outdoors opens their fully renovated Archery Range, along with a newly designed show room floor.

2018:  Kinsey’s Acquires Pape’s on April 2, 2018. Obtaining the Louisville, KY location marks a significant investment in the future for Kinsey’s. It is further evidence of our commitment to continually serving
our loyal customers better.

2020:  Kinsey’s has purchased Alpine Archery and will reinvigorate the brand and their well-known assortment of quality archery products. We plan to build on the reputation of producing products designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA.

2020:  Kinsey’s continues to evolve and add more business segments to strengthen the outdoor retailer – which now includes the distribution of FFL items.

We will provide products from the most coveted vendors: CVA, Hornady, Mossberg, Remington, Taurus, Winchester Ammo, etc.

Events & Press Releases

Dealer Show:

Get the Best Prices & Hottest Products!

Learn about and experience the latest outdoor products from leading manufacturers. Take advantage of incredible show savings that boost profitability while having fun with longtime industry friends. We can't
wait to see you again!

Learn More: www.KinseysDealerShow.com


“Our brands are a direct reflection of our teams personal pro-shop experience, and years of market research and analysis. We take pride in being a reliable partner, and apply feedback from our dealers and partners to our research & development planning every year. We're a passionate team of archery professionals with a desire to enhance the sport.”

Justin Gorman,
Kinsey’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Alpine Archery



Fin-Finder Bowfishing

October Mountain Products

Partner Brands

Kinsey’s distributes the very best brands that the outdoor hunting industry has to offer. With more than 500 leading brands focused heavily in archery and firearms, and 15,000 stocked products, we provide outdoors retailers everything they need to serve their customers and grow their business.

    • 1776 USA
    • 1791 Gunleather
    • 30-06 Outdoors
    • 3Rivers Archery
    • AAE
    • Accubow
    • Acu Archery
    • Adams Arms
    • Aguila Ammunition
    • Akkar
    • Alien Gear Holsters
    • All Rite
    • Allen
    • Alpen Optics
    • Alpine Archery
    • American Hunter
    • Ameristep
    • Ammo Boost
    • AMS Bowfishing
    • AniLogics
    • Antler King
    • Apex Ammunition
    • Apex Gear
    • Archery Shooter Systems
    • Arctic Ice
    • Arizona Rim
    • Armscor
    • ASAT Camo
    • ATI
    • ATN
    • Atsko
    • Auto-Ordnance
    • Avian-X
    • Axcel
    • Axion Archery
    • A-Zoom Snap Caps
    • B3 Archery
    • Badlands
    • Baktrak
    • Barnaul
    • Barnes
    • Barnett
    • Barronett Blinds
    • BCY
    • Bear Archery
    • Beard Buster
    • Benjamin Airguns
    • Bergara
    • Bersa
    • Big and J
    • Big Shot Targets
    • Bigfoot Gun Belts
    • Bioammo
    • Birchwood Casey
    • Bitzenburger
    • Blackhawk
    • BlackHeart Gear
    • Blackhorn
    • BlackOut
    • Block Targets
    • Bob Allen
    • BOG
    • Bohning
    • BoneView
    • Bowfinger
    • BowJax
    • Bowmar Bowhunting
    • Bowtree
    • Boyt
    • BPE
    • Breakthrough
    • Brenneke
    • Bresser
    • Bridger Traps
    • Brite Site
    • Brownell
    • Browning
    • BSA Optics
    • B-Stinger
    • Buck Baits
    • Bulldog
    • Burris
    • Bushnell
    • Butch's Bore Shine
    • Butler Creek
    • Caldwell
    • Canik
    • Carbo Mask
    • Carbon Express
    • Carlson's Choke Tubes
    • Carlton
    • Carter Enterprises
    • Caven's Lures
    • CBE
    • CCI
    • Century Arms
    • Champion
    • Charles Daly
    • Charter Arms
    • Chiappa
    • Chipmunk
    • Cimarron Firearms
    • Cir-Cut Archery
    • Citadel
    • CMC Triggers
    • C'mere Deer
    • Cobra
    • Code Blue
    • Cold Steel
    • ColdPruf
    • Coleman Repellents
    • Competition Electronics
    • Conquest Archery
    • Coop's Bowsmith
    • Counter Assault
    • Covert
    • Coyote Light
    • Cranford
    • Crickett
    • Crimson Trace
    • Crosman
    • Crossfire
    • Cuddeback
    • Cupped
    • Custom Printed Rugs
    • CVA
    • Cyclops
    • Daisy
    • Damascus
    • Dave Smith Decoys
    • Dead Center Archery
    • Deer Camp Coffee
    • Delta McKenzie
    • DeSantis Holsters
    • Diamond archery
    • Dirt Nap Gear
    • Dogtra
    • Domain Outdoor
    • Doyle's
    • Drave's
    • Duel Calls
    • Duke Traps
    • Dunlap Lures
    • Duracell
    • DuraMesh Targets
    • EAA
    • Easton
    • Elevation
    • EOTech
    • Estate
    • ETS
    • Evolved Habitats
    • EW Bateman
    • Excalibur
    • Exothermic
    • Feather Vision
    • Federal
    • Fenix Flashlights
    • Fin-Finder
    • Fiocchi
    • First String
    • Flambeau
    • Flextone
    • Flitz
    • FMK
    • Fort Scott Munitions
    • Frankford Arsenal
    • Frogg Toggs
    • Fusion Firearms
    • G5
    • Game Warning System
    • GAMO
    • Garaysar
    • Garmin
    • GAS Bowstrings
    • Gateway Feather
    • Genesis
    • GhostBlind
    • Gibbs Archery Gear
    • GlenDel Targets
    • GoatTuff
    • Gold Tip
    • GPO
    • GPS
    • Grabber Warmers
    • Grace Optics
    • Grayling Archery
    • Grim Reaper Broadheads
    • GSG
    • Gunmaster
    • Gunstar
    • Habit
    • Halo
    • Hamskea
    • Hatsan Airguns
    • Hawk
    • Hawke Optics
    • Haydels Calls
    • Heat Factory
    • Heated Hunts
    • Heritage
    • Hevi Shot
    • HHA
    • Hi-Point
    • High Point Archery
    • Hind Sight
    • Hiviz
    • HME
    • HODAG
    • Hodgdon
    • Hogue
    • Holosun
    • Hooyman
    • Hoppe's
    • Horn Hunter
    • Hornady
    • Hot Shot
    • Howa
    • HS Strut
    • HSM Ammunition
    • HTM
    • Hunt Chef
    • Hunter Safety Systems
    • Hunters Specialties
    • Hurricane Bag Targets
    • Huskemaw Optics
    • Illusion
    • IMR
    • Indera
    • Indian Creek
    • Innerloc
    • InSight
    • IQ Bowsights
    • IWI
    • J & D Bowstrings
    • Jackie's Deer Lures
    • James Valley Scents
    • JEBS
    • Just Right Carbines
    • Kahr Arms
    • KelTec
    • Kent Cartridge
    • Keystone Sporting Arms
    • Killer Instinct
    • Kimber
    • King's Camo
    • Kirschner's Deer Lure
    • Kishel's Scents
    • Klymit
    • Knight & Hale
    • Kryptek
    • Lacrosse
    • Lansky Sharpeners
    • Last Chance Archery
    • Latitude Outdoors
    • Legendary Game Calls
    • Leupold Optics
    • Limbsaver
    • LOC Outdoorz
    • Lumenok
    • Lyman
    • MACE
    • MAD
    • Magnum Research
    • Magnus Broadheads
    • Manzella
    • Maple Leaf Press
    • Mark June's Lures
    • Mauser
    • Maverick
    • MaxxTech
    • Midland Radio
    • Migra Ammunition
    • Mili Ammunition
    • Millennium Treestands
    • Minnesota Trapline
    • Mission First Tactical
    • Moccasin Joe
    • MOJO
    • Montana Decoy
    • Morrell Targets
    • Mossberg
    • Moultrie
    • Mountain Mike's
    • Mr. Heater
    • MTM Cases
    • MTN Ops
    • Muck
    • Muddy
    • Muzzy
    • NAA
    • NAP
    • Native Ground Blinds
    • NightStick
    • Nikko Stirling
    • Nockturnal
    • Nose Jammer
    • Nosler
    • NuFletch
    • Octane
    • October Mountain Products
    • Ol' Man Treestands
    • Omega
    • On Duty CBD
    • OnCore Archery
    • One Source Outfitters
    • Otis
    • Outdoor Cap
    • OuterLimit
    • Outers
    • OZCUT Broadheads
    • Pachmayr
    • Paradox
    • Pelican
    • Pesky
    • Pete Rickard's
    • Pietta
    • Pine Ridge Archery
    • Plano
    • PMC Ammunition
    • Pointer
    • Powerbelt
    • Primal Treestands
    • Primos
    • ProMag
    • PSE
    • Q2i
    • QAD
    • Quake
    • Quaker Boy
    • Quest Archery
    • RAD
    • Radians
    • Rage Broadheads
    • RAM
    • Ramcat
    • RAXX
    • RCBS
    • Real Wild Targets
    • Redfield
    • Redline
    • REK Broadheads
    • Remington
    • Rexpid
    • Riley Defense
    • Rinehart
    • Rio Ammunition
    • Ripcord
    • Riton Optics
    • River's Edge
    • Rock Island Armory
    • Rocket Broadheads
    • Rocky Mountain
    • Roost'em Calls
    • Rossi
    • RPM Bowfishing
    • Rugged Meats
    • RWS
    • SA Sports
    • Sabre
    • SAR USA
    • Sauer
    • Saunders
    • Savage Arms
    • Scent Crusher
    • Scent-A-Way
    • Scorpion Venom
    • Scott
    • SDS
    • Selway Quivers
    • Shadow Systems
    • Shooter Targets
    • Shooters Choice
    • Sierra
    • Sig Sauer Optics
    • Sightmark
    • Sightron
    • Simmons
    • Sinterfire
    • SKB
    • Skull Hooker
    • Slick Trick Broadheads
    • SME
    • Solid Aim
    • Sonic Boom
    • Spartan Cam
    • Specialty Archery
    • Speer
    • Splat-R-Ball
    • Spot Hogg
    • SpyPoint
    • Stan
    • Stealth Cam
    • Steel Force
    • Stevens
    • Stokerized
    • Streamlight
    • Summit
    • SureLoc
    • Swagger
    • SWAT Broadheads
    • Swhacker
    • SYKD Hunting
    • TAC Vanes
    • Tacstar
    • TactAir
    • Tannerite
    • Tarantula
    • Tasco
    • Taurus
    • Team Fitzgerald
    • Tekmat
    • TenPoint Crossbows
    • Tenzing
    • Tethrd
    • Tetra
    • The Grind
    • Therm-A-Seat
    • Third Hand
    • Thompson Center
    • Thorn Broadheads
    • Tight Spot
    • Timney Triggers
    • Tink's
    • Tipton
    • TOC
    • Tokarev
    • Tom Miranda
    • TR Imports
    • Traditions Firearms
    • TrailBlazer Firearms
    • TriggerTech
    • Tristar
    • Trophy Ridge
    • Tru Ball
    • Trufire
    • Truglo
    • Tulammo
    • UMAREX
    • Uncle Mike's
    • VaneTec
    • Vapor Trail
    • Versa Ring
    • Veteran Ammo
    • Viper Archery
    • Vista
    • Walnut Hollow
    • Walther
    • Warne
    • WASP
    • Weatherby
    • Weaver
    • Weston
    • Wheeler
    • White Gold
    • Whitetail Institute
    • Whitetail'r
    • Wicked Ridge Crossbows
    • Wild Wings
    • Wildgame Scouting Cameras
    • Wildlife Research Center
    • Winchester
    • Windham Weaponry
    • Winkler's
    • Woodhaven Custom Calls
    • Woodsman Broadheads
    • Woody Wire
    • Woody's
    • Wyandotte Leather
    • Xecutioner Broadheads
    • XOP Treestands
    • Xpedition Archery
    • XS Sights
    • Zbros
    • Zebra Bowstrings
    • Zink Calls
    • Zwickey Broadheads


“Kinsey’s offers an exciting work environment and opportunity for growth within the company. This is a place where ideas are valued and employees are encouraged to take on new challenges that allow them to showcase their strengths.”

Lisa Royer,
Sales Manager – Independent Retail & International


Everyone that works for Kinsey’s is offered a generous benefits package, not to mention some really cool perks.

The Perks of Working for Kinsey’s

You and your professional development matter. Through coaching, mentoring, ongoing training and informative classes, Kinsey’s supports your development — you can achieve your goals. We encourage everyone that works for Kinsey’s to fulfill their passion for the outdoors — it’s our mission. So, it only makes sense that we offer generous discounts on the more than 40,000+ products available through our distribution and retail store.

Every year we host the Kinsey’s Dealer Show, an industry gathering. Everyone gets to experience the show — see the latest products and talk to manufacturers. We’re outdoors people, many of us archers. Before work, after work, during breaks, people are outside target shooting at the range. We have indoor ranges, too. As a company rich in archery history, we have plenty of bows and arrows for people to use.

At Kinsey’s, you’re free to be yourself. Casual clothing choices are the norm and your workspace should be decorated to reflect your personality.

Traditional Benefits

We offer a competitive benefits package:

  • Employee Discount
  • Medical
  • 401(k)
  • Life Insurance
  • Paid Holidays and Vacation
  • Year-end Bonus

Career Growth

At Kinsey's, we invest in your long-term development with courses, coaching, training, seminars and special on-site educational opportunities.


Learn the arts of conflict resolution, communication and other skills needed to achieve long-term performance.

Mentorship Program

Your personal mentor helps you identify your passions and develop the knowledge, skills and abilities to transform them into a career.

Job Shadowing

Gain an understanding of other departments, so you can better service your internal customers.

Work Environment

We believe that the physical environment we work in directly impacts the quality of our work. That’s why we have environmentally controlled warehouses and bright office spaces. And if the sun is shining, enjoy our outdoor picnic areas!

“We want people to enjoy coming to work every day — to feel a sense of purpose.
We want people to feel like they’re part of a family and to feel like they make a difference, because they can. This leads to better results, but more importantly,
it provides a fulfilling and rewarding experience for the whole team.”

Kelsey Heisey
VP of Operations & Administration

New Accounts

Set Up New Account

Protecting the integrity of your business — and the integrity of those businesses with whom we already partner — is paramount. We carefully scrutinize new accounts to make sure they’re a good fit, not only for us, but for the industry.

Before You Apply,
Please Prepare the Following:

  • Completed and signed new account application
  • Physical copy of your state sales tax number or business license
  • Pennsylvania or Kentucky exemption certificate (PA and KY businesses only)
  • In order to purchase Firearms, dealers must submit a valid FFL. If you do not sell firearms, no FFL is needed.
  • Digital photos of your retail location are required. Include interior and exterior photos showing: posted store hours, inventory presented for sale, and any ranges or equipment work stations.
  • Account applicants must demonstrate the ability to conduct themselves professionally

If  you have questions about the new account setup process, or if  you’re still in the planning stages of your business and need some advice, feel free to contact us. We're here to help!


“The people at Kinsey’s are fun, friendly and easy. They’re knowledgeable, helpful and always there when we need them. They have what we need, when we need it. And they work with us to resolve issues quickly when they arise.”

Jimmy Hofer,
General Manager, Extreme Archery

Kinsey’s is dedicated to helping outdoor hunting retailers and other specialty outdoors businesses thrive with a host of programs and services that save money, enhance profits and build relationships with their own customers. Stocking more than 18,000 items from more than 500 brand lines, Kinsey’s is the first choice for the best products from today's top brands. With a rich history and emphasis on archery and firearms, no other distributor can support your business like Kinsey’s. Always exploring new opportunities to keep your business and our industry growing, Kinsey’s is:

  • Developing a selection of exciting archery, firearms and general outdoors products that drive retail businesses.
  • Supporting national and local advocacy efforts to protect hunters’ rights, effectively manage wildlife and engage the next generation of archers and outdoorspeople.

Who We Serve

  • Independent Outdoors Retailers
  • Outdoor Products Manufacturers
  • Established Online and Mass Merchant Retailers
  • Advocacy Organizations
  • Youth Camps
  • Law Enforcement

Partnering with other companies is about more than the buying and selling of widgets — we don’t just move parts around. It's about working together towards a common vision, value and purpose. We choose to work with best-in-class vendors who are committed to the outdoor hunting lifestyle and to achieving great business results. We partner with businesses who share our passion for getting a bow into every hand and helping people fulfill their passions for the outdoors. This not only serves outdoor hunting retailers and their customers, it serves communities all across this great nation.

“We strive for excellence in shipping orders accurately and on time.
If there’s a problem, we take care of it quickly and fairly — always.”

Sharon Saylor,
Inventory Control Specialist

New Dealer Resources

Kinsey’s wants your new business to succeed — your success fuels our success. The following is a list of useful links to think about when opening a new business:

We're here to work for you.



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Fax: 717.653.6278

New Accounts

For contact and new accounts information, please visit the New
Accounts section.
New Accounts

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